The Particular
The Particular is a binaural narrative work written and performed by Linnea Langfjord Kristensen and composed by Jamie Maule. The piece is set in a swamp where light cannot penetrate the dense canopy, and a community living in the swamp is unable to measure time by the movement of the sun. A sound, heard every day by the people of the swamp and which they call "the particular", is what they use to measure the passing of time. At some point, the sound of the particular disappears, and the people in the swamp are left to wonder where it came from, and if it was ever there at all.

This work was shown at Klingt Gut symposium in Hamburg, winning a young artist award.
The Fold is a work by Linnea Langfjord Kristensen with sound by Jamie Maule. The work is a method for creating performances from a vocabulary centred around trust, dependency, poetics, and relations. It is derived from research into how the specific ways in which we relate to our immediate surroundings, shape the knowledge and values we produce and consume. Therefore, affecting what we create.
The Fold
Cave Call
Cave Call is a generative, multichannel, narrative audio piece and installation telling the story of a community of animists from around the Neolithic Agricultural Revolution who discover a cave with an enchanting sound. On finding a central cavern from which the sound emanates they perceive the cave to be spiritually important and perform rituals there to reconnect the human and natural worlds, recognising that their advancing technology is separating them from the natural world. Cave Call was shown at RCA 2020, an online final show.

Untitled (Utopia) is a sound work made in collaboration with Tom Norrington. Created for an exhibition on the subject of utopia, the piece provides several different visions for utopia. The work was initially composed as a sound piece (shown here) and was deconstructed in MaxMSP and presented as a generative piece at the exhibition.
Untitled (Utopia)